Top Ten Beauty Supply Stores


We’ve all got our most loved stores: The ones we head towards when we need a finishing touch for a party, or when we’re going through a breakup and need a little retail treatment. Dependable retailers are a necessity in each young lady’s life, however there is one drawback to constantly going to your preferred beauty supply stores — you tend to miss out on opportunities to visit some other amazing stores. Considering the time, expertise and money spent on making sense of which foundation to purchase, whether you should be utilizing waterproof mascara and which cleanser is a good fit for your skin type, looking for beauty items can be overwhelming, at the very least.



To help you locate whatever sort of experience you’re searching for with regards to purchasing beauty items, we’ve gathered together 10 of the best places to shop. Whether you’re looking for indie brands, drugstore prices or monthly delivery services, there’s a store that’ll make you considerably more eager to search for hair, cosmetics and healthy skin care items than you actually could imagine.

Top Ten Beauty Supply Stores



Asos is one of the places to shop to find stylish, unique beauty products. The beauty department has a wide collection of products ranging from a drugstore to luxe, with a good blend of indie brands as well.


Birchbox is full of makeup, hair care, skin care and everything required for both women and men. Additionally, you will get points for shopping on the site and your points will be converted to dollars. Thus, a win-win scenario will be achieved.

Cos Bar

Cos Bar has over a century of experience under its belt and is loaded with luxury beauty products based solely on quality, not on quantity. Its beauty products have a reputation for providing long-lasting results. On top of that, the fragrances of the products make a personal statement. All the attributes make this shop one of the top beauty supply stores.

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman’s beauty products are certainly regarded in the A-list for cosmetics. The store is mostly known for the high quality it provides. The store is complete with women’s products, men’s grooming products, home fragrances and more from its prestigious brand categories. is associated with but provides beauty products a few steps higher than the quality of the products available at Interestingly, you can combine your shopping bag with items on Drugstore for a one stop shop. With a smart combination of smaller brands like Free Your Mane with upscale brands like Glam Glow, you’ll find everything you’re looking for.


Beauty Supply Stores Continued




C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow started as a pharmacy that developed into the go-to location for unique and high-quality beauty products in New York City. This store has a combination of both homeopathic remedies and cosmetics brands that is hard to find anywhere else. Bigelow is one of the best beauty supply stores you will ever need.



Nordstorm has become even more popular when it comes to hair, makeup and skincare with the introduction of the Beauty Spot. Nordstrom stepped up their game and has become a beauty destination with brands like Bobbi Brown and Deborah Lippmann and an entire section of Most Pinned Beauty.



Kohls is ideal for those who love giant makeup palettes and Essie nail polish collections as well. Both of its in-store and online beauty section is equally equipped with quality products. The makeup counter of the in store allows you to test and experience a product before you purchase. The online store has a full range of products from each of the product line. Kohl’s beauty section, which combines fan favorite brands like Lorac with private label collections from Candie’s, is not the one to miss out.


Barney’s has a stunning collection of luxe beauty products that are high quality and beautiful as well. It has years of experience and reputation. It is a famous beauty supply store in  New York City and you will find counter after counter of the finest, most popular products that are very difficult to find anywhere else. You will find makeup artist designed products and fragrances that will be your new signature scent and there are professionals who will help you out with any beauty related help


Ricky’s NYC

There is nothing like a beauty supply store with a sense of humor which is half the reason you will love this beauty store. The other half includes a variety of high-quality products that include a full range of nail polish brands, Manic Panic hair color and Burt’s Bees organic products just to name a few.

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