Top Ten Beauty Salons In The World


Beauty salons are the go-to place for fashion conscious people to bring completeness in their lives. One may have the perfect attire, shoes and accessories but without a proper hairdo, all the effort put in to stay unique and stylish may go in vain. Keeping in mind the wide popularity and demand for beauty salons, we have compiled a list of the top ten beauty salons from around the world. The salons are known for their reliability, customer care and high standards that each seeks to maintain.

Top Ten Beauty Salons In The World



The Lounge Hair Salon (Bangkok)

If you want to get the experience to get styled by the top hair fashion stylists of the world, then The Lounge Hair Salon, located in Bangkok, can be the ideal place for you. This beauty salon merges style & comfort in one space. It has the reputation for being a fashion house for hair in a loft style salon where clients can relax and get attended by top stylists. It has a client base that range from general people to top celebrities, models, singers to fashionistas. Clients can get consultation and get styled by professionals who are well-known for bringing out the best style for every look and personality. Therefore, whether you want a new look or just want to freshen up, The Lounge can be the perfect place.

Q Studio Hair and Beauty Salons Ltd 95 High Street Blackwood 01495 229955

Q Studio Hair and Beauty Salons Ltd
95 High Street
01495 229955

Vangelis Hatzis (Athens)

It is a beauty salon located in Athens and can provide you top quality hair and beauty service that you can expect. You will find the price extremely reasonable with respect to the quality it provides.

Tony Studio (China)

Tony Studio is an authentic styling and beauty salon that specializes in hairstyle design, styling and makeup. It was founded by the state-level stylist Tony Li who is a superstar in the fashion circle and was named the father of Chinese color makeup in 1999. Tony Studio creates a top-end platform for trend pioneers and successful figures who look for the best through its deep understanding of client’s needs, unique aesthetic vision and solid professional skills. 

Mariadowling (Dubai)

This beauty salon is designed to meet the requirements of women who perceive hair color as a major part of their complete image. Mariadowling is always up to the challenge to create a unique hairdressing environment specialized by a hand-picked team. Each member of the team is personally trained by the application techniques and standards that the salon maintains. Clients come to maria not only because they want to look good, but also because they want to take some time off their busy schedule and focus on themselves for a brief period of time.

 Josh Wood Atelier (London)

This beauty salon is founded by Josh Wood who is a renowned celebrity hair colorist. He has curated salons that take pride in some of the most sought-after beauty talent in the city. Josh’s talent for creative and inventive techniques in color has gone a long way to establishing an enviable client base that have him on speed dial.


Impressive Beauty Salons



 Silvia Galván Image Studio (Mexico)

This beauty salon in dedicated to do different things to create outstanding results. It has the vision to create unique and enjoyable experience for its customers at all times of its service through professional and passionate experts. The main interest of its founder, Silvia Galvan, was to offer its customers a complete image design, integrated with the support of a team of highly qualified professionals.

Salon Pure (Montreal)

This salon was founded in 1998 and was located in Les Cours Mont Royal. Salon Pure Montreal has time and again proved its consistency in providing award-winning services to its clientele.
Its co-founders Anna Pacitto and Daniel Benoit are regarded among the finest of world-class hairdressers. Over the years, Anna and Daniel have assembled Montreal’s most talented team of professionals to provide satisfactory client service and maintain its high standards.

David Mallett (Paris)

David Mallet is regarded as the best beauty salon in Paris. The salon is both ultra-luxurious and incredibly relaxed – a vast 17th Century apartment which provides the perfect environment for exceptional consultation, styling and attention. It is more about being private than about being exclusive in the salon.


Studio W (Sao Paolo)

Renowned hairdresser Warderley Nunes opened this salon in 1999. Currently it has seven units that are strategically placed in the main shopping centers of the state of Sao Paolo. It has a team of renowned professionals who are dedicated to provide world-class service to the clients. The salon also has its own magazine, which functions as a relationship tool between Studio W and its customers.

Barney Martin (Sydney)

This salon epitomizes laid-back Aussie cool, and delivers styles that can be recreated easily at home. It has been around in the business for over 25 years. It is a salon that has style, quirk, and exudes an understated glamor that ensures you will get the service required for that amazing hairstyle.

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