Skin Cancer Prevention


Skin cancer is now a very common phenomenon. Every year many people suffer and even die from skin cancer. Many of us don’t know how we will protect our skin from skin cancer. As we don’t know about skin cancer, we don’t even understand when and how our skin got affected with this disease. So, Skin Cancer Prevention in time is very important for making life safe. How you will protect your skin from this cancer is given below.

Use Sun Block Everyday for Skin Cancer Prevention

Use sun block every time when you go outside of your home. Some people think it’s a burden but it’s a must before going out of your home. The main reason behind skin cancer is the UV –A and UV -B rays of the sun. These are very harmful for our skin. So, for Skin Cancer Prevention use a sun block before going outdoors.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Use Body Lotion:
In summer use sun protected body lotion and massage it in your whole body before going out.

For Skin Cancer Prevention Never Use a  Tanning Bed

A tanning bed is a bed which gives UV -A and UV -B by lights when laying on it. This tanning bed is one of the main reasons of skin cancer. In Bangladesh and India, people don’t have a tanning bed, but in foreign countries the use of tanning beds are pretty high. So avoid tanning beds in regards to Skin Cancer prevention.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Check Your Body Every Month by Yourself

Doctors have suggested checking our body every month, go in front of a large mirror and check whether there is any problem in regards to spots on the skin or not. If there is anything unusual, then immediately consult the doctor.

Go to Doctor for a Checkup Every Month

Go to your doctor every month for a checkup. Because cancer is a kind of disease which has very little symptoms, and if you can’t identify it in its primary stage, you can even die of cancer so it pays to have preventive checkups.

Consult with a Skin Specialist Every Year

Consult with a skin specialist every year because skin disease has very few symptoms and can’t be identified easily. So, every year at least once you should go to a skin specialist.
These are some major steps. By following them, you can avoid skin cancer and live a  healthy life. So, be careful and live happily and enjoy the sun.

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