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In recent times, we can see a growing number of online stores, termed as online boutiques, that serve as an alternative to the physical stores which sell clothing products. Such stores provide a wide range of products to choose from and look to make shopping experience fun by reducing the hassle and time factor of going to shopping malls. Nowadays, people spend a large portion of their time surfing the net in social media platforms and social media has been a key target place for the online-based boutique shops to showcase its products and persuade potential customers to take action.

Online Boutiques

However, online boutiques have its challenges to deal with. For hard products like cameras, gadgets etc, people find it easier to reach a purchase decision after looking at the pictures available in the online stores. But, in case of fashion accessories and dresses, common trend is to try out the product and get a feel of how the product actually fits and feels. So, online boutique shops need to be even more rigorous in terms of including product specifications and details to persuade and ensure the customers about the product quality and measurements.

Challenges Faced By Online Boutiques:


Getting Noticed: For an offline boutique shop, it is relatively easier to get noticed by setting up shop in a shopping mall.But, for an online boutique shop, getting exposure can be ever so difficult with so many other brands out there.To get the exposure, many brands are looking to exploit SEO, viral campaigns, social media marketing to good effect. Many are using the existing marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, E bay and so on.

Conversion Rate: Converting website visitors into buyers is one of the most challenging aspects. Many visitors come and leave without having a look at the products because of less attractive site design and navigation ease. Therefore, a fast and easy to navigate site with great product pictures and features is the prerequisite to attract visitors and turn them into purchasers.


For a relatively new online boutique shop, it is very difficult to gather trust. People can be skeptical about the quality. That is why, there should be verified payment system, invoice facility and face book page with many fans and last but not the least, product reviews so that people can take their purchase decision based on facts and available information. No one wants to make a decision blindly.

Customer Retention:

Managing rapport with the customers is the key for any business to prosper. It is all the more important for online boutiques. If the existing customers are satisfied, then they are likely to bring new ones and refer your brand to others. Customer retention calls for maintaining solid customer relationship management that range from responding to emails to providing the assured quality.

Online Boutiques

Top Online Boutique Shops:


Setting up and managing online boutique shops has its challenges. But there are many top brands out there which have been able to cope with the challenges and establish themselves as strong brands online. Let’s have a look at some of the top online boutique brands.

Oki-ni is the shopping destination for those who want something unique. Besides its selection of pieces from established menswear designers, it has a varied collection of different items from where you can find your desired deal sitting in your home.

Tell us Fashion sells both designs from the most exciting new brands and showcased multimedia content including a magazine, blogs and an industry networking hub. It is more than just your average online retailer.

ASOS Marketplace is the democratic retail space created by online behemoth ASOS. The site is made up of smaller boutiques showcasing under-the-radar labels, indie brands and vintage-clothing sellers for the ultimate eclectic fashion forum.

Missguidedauhas established itself as a must visit destination for an ongoing trend. It has an interactive fashion blog and trend section that showcase you to get the best out of your clothes and accessories.

Own the

Own the Runway is one of the top rated shops. This online boutiques shop uses catwalk as its inspiration. It provides affordable high fashion products along with a wide range of footwear.


With dresses priced as low as £9.99 and shirts from £14.99, chances are very low that you will go wrong with this brand. It provides a colorful collection of trendy items at prices you can not argue much about.

Glamorous upgrades its collection daily. It means that you won’t have to search much to find what you are looking for. It provides a varied collection of colorful dresses.


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