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The new year has embraced us with new hope, aspirations and resolutions. With the new year, we all love to equip ourselves with the latest fashion trends. We love to keep our closet full of new clothes, footwear, perfume, watches and what not. This article is for all the fashion lovers, you will get to know about the latest fashion trends, must-have clothes and best style advice and inspiration for guys. So, it’s your turn to get acquainted with your favorite watches, on-trend shades, sneakers that you love, and trendy eyeglasses for guys regarding mens fashion in 2016.

Mens fashion Hairstyle Trends:

Hair trends from Men’s Spring 2016 collections showcase a revival of vintage hairdos with re-imagined dimensions and eccentric touches. Luckily, the variety of hair looks, and trends can be replicated for various hair types. This implies there is something for everyone, regardless of what your hair type or length is.

Mens Fashion

Fifties Slick:

A unique fifties hair reference point was the order of business for design houses like Brioni, Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. Do you wonder what is required to accomplish the fifties smooth hair pattern? A decent quality hair gel or a mousse will include shine and smoothness for a commendable tribute to this decade. Keep things straightforward with a sparkly slicked back look or include measurement with fifties partings that will register edgy and voluminous. You can comb through hair gently to add a little bit of texture.

Modernized Side Parts:

There is no doubt that a great side part will stay ageless, however the more up to date translations of this pattern have given this hairstyle a more unique look. This hair pattern can be harnessed for men with all hair sorts. Try to ensure that you are blow-drying your locks after a decent quality matte mousse has been worked in. Explore different styles regarding distinctive hair partings for reevaluated form of this hair trend that will keep things all the more fascinating and customized to your very own style.


Redefined Fringes:

Fringes have gained attention a great deal in many spring collections. Dior Homme managed a refined, smooth blow-dried fringe suggesting a nineties aesthetic while originators like Berluti and Coach concentrated on surface and measurement. Fringe hairdos work all the more positively for straighter hair types and additionally those with longer locks. A flexible hair mousse or grease will work wonders for more control while adjusting this hair pattern.

Other Men’s Fashion Trends:


The Traditional Waistcoat:

The traditional waistcoat has seen a resurgence in popularity this year in terms of mens fashion in 2016. This key item was spotted in high buttoned single and low buttoned double-breasted variations.


Baseball Caps:

Keep things cool and laidback with caps for easygoing spring and summer looks. You can try the nineties street style with darker tints such as Calvin Klein Collection in combination with white shirts with tan tops included in Versace and Balmain. Switch things up with various shapes and tones. Tame your bed head with a washed out baseball top to keep things easygoing and preppy or bring vivid looks with dark and navy caps.

Long Scarves:

Wear the long scarf pattern in different colors and thinner  fabrics. Adjust long scarves for casual days or wear them with the more corporate looks. This accessory is an awesome backup with trenches or light spring coats. Try out rich colors like the dim oxbloods used as a part of Burberry Prorsum to be innovative and unique or go for washed out designed scarves like Missoni for laid-back spring day looks which is thought to be one of the highlights for mens fashion in 2016.


 Slip-On Shoes:

Keep up easygoing, yet stylish looks with the humble slipper. From a different combination of materials for spring and summer, the options are numerous with the most recent styles and shapes which give easy and polished finish. Keep things exemplary by mixing shoes with traditionalist trenches reminiscent of Burberry Prorsum or incorporate a shoe with more brilliant, casual looks. Keep trousers well maintained custom-made when experimenting with the shoe pattern, keeping up the outfit parity.


Nautical Stripes:

The recent street style pattern of stripes refers to a nautical edge, with repeating colors like intense reds, deep navies and fresh whites. Keep looks easy going with thinner pin stripes or try out something bold with thick statement stripes on shirt or coats. Feel confident to try out unorthodox use of stripes on the cardigan or a sweater and team them with darker shades for a smooth completion to your striped looks.

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