Importance Of Having Breakfast


Importance Of Having Breakfast is a vital issue in our everyday life. After a good night’s sleep and with an empty stomach in the morning, it makes sense that the best way to start a day with energy and revitalize your body with a filling, nutritious and healthy breakfast that will keep you satiated until the next meal. Our body needs a healthy breakfast full of vitamins and nutrients which will provide energy and fuel for the brain.

If you consider that when we wake up in the morning, for the majority of us, our body and brain have been without food for around 10–12 hours and for children it may be longer. Our body is similar to a car in the fact that it needs fuel to run and like a car, the better you look after your body, the longer and better it will run.

Importance Of Having Breakfast.

Importance of Having Breakfast

The best types of foods to be eaten at breakfast are complex carbohydrates such as whole grains including oats, rye bread and millet together with a small amount of dried fruit and freshly squeezed juice. These foods have a low glycemic which means that they release glucose steadily and slowly into the bloodstream unlike the unhealthier breakfast choices that are available. Consequently, these foods will keep you fuller for longer, prevent unhealthy snacking, keep energy levels steady without dipping and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals that may be missed at other meals. Many people like to consume some form of protein in the morning as protein balances blood sugar levels and recent studies have also proven that concentration levels are enhanced if some form of protein is consumed during the breakfast meal. Excellent sources of protein which can be incorporated into the breakfast meal are eggs, fish, nuts and seeds. Eggs are a particularly rich source of B vitamin which the body converts into acetyl-choline, a neurotransmitter found in the brain. So, you should know the Importance Of Having Breakfast by enjoying a Balanced Diet.

Studies Have Supported the Importance Of Having Breakfast

Studies show that children who eat breakfast in the morning perform better at school. Young people believe that it is not necessary or they say that they don’t have time for that and begin their day without meal. I believe that everyone should eat breakfast before going to their activities. When you skip breakfast, you are looking for a disease because it’s not healthy to have an empty stomach all day long. It’s very important to have a breakfast and not let your stomach work empty. All you are going to get is gastritis and a lot of problems with your health if you don’t eat breakfast.

Importance of Having Breakfast

It is proven that with breakfast, concentration and memory improve, mental performance and problem-solving ability is better and learning ability is increased. Not only this but studies generally prove that most people who eat breakfast manage their weight better, are not fat or overweight, have lower levels of cholesterol, which means they are less likely to suffer from heart disease and are generally in better health overall, not to mention in a better mood. This is why the Importance Of Having Breakfast with nutritious food should not be ignored.

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