How to Wear Lipstick


A pretty face with colorful lips can draw attention faster than one without. A colorful lipstick can make you attractive and important. You can get lip glosses and lip balms with a fun bolt of color perfect for any season or occasion. Read the following  tips on wearing lip color, and choose your perfect shade and look your best. Read the article, learn about How to Wear Lipstick and make yourself attractive and important in a modern and fashionable world.


Making Lips Attractive Learn How to Wear Lipstick

In a modern world women are always trying to present and make themselves much more attractive in different ceremonies and social situations. They are fully aware of leading a ultra modern fashionable life. As a woman or girl you can color your lips and color your life making you look beautiful and important.

Read the following tips in the article and learn How to Wear Lipstick attractively.

Select the Right Shade


How to Wear Lipstick


When choosing colors, find the colors that best suit you. Select the shades that attract you first and try applying  it on your lips, not your hands. Original red colors works best on a pale face while olive skin can adjust with brown-reds or mahogany shades. Having warm skin with golden undertones, you should go for an orange or brownish-red. If your skin is cool with pink or bluish undertones, you can try a pinkish or purplish red to make you attractive.

Consider the Season

Try to use a high-gloss, lighter color for warmer and sunnier seasons. Apply the deeper tones in the fall and winter.

 Use a Lip Pencil in a Similar Shade


When you wear lipstick, use a lip pencil to fill in your lips completely. It can give the color extra staying power. Carefully keep the natural line of your lips and try to make them look nice.

Carefully Apply

It doesn’t matter what you use, make sure you’re skilfully precise with the application. Even some bold lip balms may get a little messy if you’re not careful. You could use a good quality lip brush to evenly apply in the correct order.

Balancing Act

Bright lips need foundation or tinted moisturizer, a complementary shade of blush and even a little mascara. For evening dark eye-liner and a wash of shimmery shadow are needed.

Mix to Get it Right

If the tube of red lipstick what you have chosen, isn’t just right, you can try mixing in a little light purple. The pretty get up of lips, you create might be exactly the look  you wanted to achieve. You can experiment by adding a little brown if the red is a bit too bright for your lips.



When you wear lipstick, you can separate a tissue into two layers and use one to blot your lips. Try to remove excess lipstick. Holding the tissue to your lips, you can brush face powder over it. A fine dusting with powder will go through the tissue and set your color.

Downplay Your Eyes

Keep the rest of your make up fine. Make your eyes completely attractive.

Paint Your Nails with the Same Color

Color your nails with the same color of your lips. It will be just the last touch you need to complete your beautiful look .

Take Care

Try to moisturize  the rest of your face  and protect it. If your lips are chronically red and dry, you can try applying a moisturizing lip treatment.

Best Way to Apply Lipstick

Which is the best rule to apply lipstick? Some women use special lipstick brushes. Others use their middle finger. Most women generally apply right from the tube. Choose what’s right for you.


Use Liner on Your Lips

Fill in your lips with the liner first to make the lipstick last longer. At the time of using light lipstick, try a nude liner and then slick your lipstick on top.

Never Use a Dark Liner with Light Lipstick

Defined lips are good, but make sure the lipstick or gloss is matched with the liner. Dark liner and light lips are boring.

Making your lips attractive apply the tips about How to Wear Lipstick and lead a fashionable life when needed.

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