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Hipsters are people who appreciate clothing, music, food and activities thought to be outside of the social standard. In case you’re enthusiastic about seeking after the hipster lifestyle in which independent music labels, vintage garments feature predominantly, then you will need to start with hipster clothing standards. Clothing patterns will give you the hipster outlook which will be your first step toward starting your new hip lifestyle.

 Hipster Clothing

Essentials of Hipster Clothing:



Dress Like A Hipster:

Fashion is pretty much as imperative as your taste in music. While shopping at vintage stores remains a staple for some hipsters, this is not a must, nor does it have to be a part of the trendy person closet.

Abstain from purchasing labeled gear from stores that keep running by the name itself. Rather, search for free retailers. For instance, purchase from neighborhood blended design stores close to you.

Make certain to evaluate what you’re wearing. You can purchase from local retailers or wear colorful clothing keeping in mind the season. Besides, you can advertise something on your shirt just like hipsters do to express their identity.

Wear skinny jeans, especially of bright colors or patterns

These can be for anybody of any gender identity. Hipster men have a tendency to be as thin as the ladies. Note that guy hipsters tend to wear thin pants more than the young ladies (young ladies favor leggings). On the other hand, for ladies, high-waisted pants (a.k.a. “mom jeans”) might also be worn.

Wear Glasses:

Glasses are an integral part of hipster clothing. Hipsters love unorthodox eye-wear, for example, screen shades, larger than usual plastic frame glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, and most commonly genuine Ray Ban Wayfarers in all the colors of the rainbow. Some hipsters wear eyeglasses despite the fact that they have 20/20 vision! If that is the case for you, then pop out the lenses or ensure they’re simply regular glass.

 Hipster Clothing

Iconic hipster clothing Tops:

For tops, some great picks include: band shirts, for example, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Van Halen, and so on, plaid shirts, cowboy shirts, woolen clothes, and anything in gingham, plaid, checkers, paisley, vintage florals.

Numerous hipsters wear tops with appliques, pictures of creatures or forests, different pictures, characters from kids’ TV, and humorous sayings or even book covers. Fitted hoodies are great option as well.

Suitable Footwear:

Suitable footwear is an important part of hipster clothing. Hipster shoes incorporate cowboy boots, battle boots, vintage shoes, unorthodox shoes, and a range of flats. Converse are no longer a hipster option. They look extraordinary and you can wear them almost everywhere, yet since everybody wears them, they don’t really give you the hipster look.

High heels should be no less than 5 inches (12.7 cm) in stature, and ankle booties are well known as well. Cute shoes, Keds (tennis/sand shoes), boots, and granny boots are more useful and show how little effort you’ve put (regardless of the possibility that it took you ages to find the ideal pair).

 Hipster Clothing


There is an extensive variety of accessories, including huge flower headbands, neon nail polish, pins, bright belts, dark nail polish, bird necklaces, designed and beautiful leggings and so forth. Pay special attention to your piercings which can be of different patterns and will add exclusivity to your hipster look.

Appropriately ironic accessories are mandatory, for example, things children would take to class, similar to an animal picture on a lunchbox. Essentials incorporate a courier bag (not a backpack), ideally something from Freitag, that can fit your MacBook, iPhone, and vinyl LPs (never CDs) of your current favorite band.

Layering and Mismatch:

Layering or wearing things that don’t coordinate together is exceptionally hipster and gives you the hipster look. It’s that “I can’t be bothered” look that really takes some planning until you get into the habit. Keep in mind that a hipster’s outfit never needs change if you choose to go to the beach—keep all of your urban backups for the sand and surf to incidentally stand out of your element.

Messy haircuts are okay. The “bed look”, long unkempt hair, and hair that opposes any endeavors to stay level without chemicals are adequate looks. Blurring gender lines with haircuts and styles is a part of the hipster culture.

Oily hair is viewed as alright by some in the hipster society. That doesn’t mean you have to agree and a squeaky clean yet uncombed hairdo might be your thing.

For men, large facial hair and/or waxed mustaches are not a must have but rather are favored if one can develop them.

Some hipsters like to dye their hair in an unorthodox way.

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