Fitness Plan for Men


A Fitness Plan for Men is important before getting fit. It’s easy to start making excuses not to exercise if you’re missing any of the essential home equipment, gym membership, kit bag, even a towel. Make sure you have everything you need before you start. This will also help you assume an ‘exercise identity’ so that if you look and feel the part you’re more likely to play the part.

Fitness Plan for Men is Necessary for Physical Strength

Aim for Progressive Overload: The basics of increasing any measure of fitness, size or endurance is making your muscles do more than they’re used to. You must slowly overload your muscles to advance. To gain strength, you must constantly try to handle larger amounts of weight. To increase size you can slowly increase the number of sets or reps, and to build endurance you can increase  this  and decrease rest time between sets. The key is progression. You should build-up gradually rather than attempt too much but the concept of overloading underpins all physical training. So a Fitness Plan for Men to for physical strength is very necessary. Keep reading the article step by step.

Build Pyramids: Muscle fibers grow and gain strength by contracting against heavy resistance. In an ideal world you would lift the maximum weight you could handle eight times for a number of sets without a warm up to build size and strength. But in the real world all this would do is injure you. Follow the process of pyramiding. Start with around 60 per cent of the amount you could lift for one rep, and do 15 reps. Increase the weight and decrease the reps to ten or twelve. Finally, add weight to about 80 per cent of your max and do 5-6 reps. This allows you to handle heavy weights after warming up, maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks of injury.

Fitness Plan for Men

Pre-exhaust Yourself: This can help if you have imbalances within a muscle group. Pre-exhaustion involves using a single joint movement before following up with a multi joint exercise. Let’s say your quads are strong but your gluten’s and hamstrings give out on squats before your gluten’s get pumped. With pre-exhaustion you do leg extensions first, then move on to squats with your quads already a bit fatigued. This way you work all your muscles as close to their maximum potential as possible.

Focus on Core Training According to a Fitness Plan for Men

To materialize a Fitness Plan for Men, you should focus on core training. Your core  is your body’s engine. A strong core will stabilize and maintain posture and prevent injury so don’t forget your stomach and back exercises. Do them at the start of training before you get tired for maximum benefit.

Avoid Stitches: A stitch is caused when the blood flow to your internal organs is reduced and diverted to the working muscles. To beat it, run slower than normal for the first third of your run and then speed up. Slowly increasing your activity level allows the blood flow more time to change.

Add Gradient to the Treadmill: A flat treadmill isn’t the same as running in the park. A gradient, even as low as two percent, will introduce a forward propulsive component, forcing you to work harder and coming closer to simulating ‘real’ running.
Start in Spring:
New Year’s resolutions often fail by mid January because it’s dark when you get up, dark when you get home, sub-zero outside and if it isn’t muddy it’s icy. Start in spring so when winter comes around again you’ve established your body.

Plan Ahead: Don’t leave it until the last minute to start planning your workout. Have a clear idea of what you’re going to do before you arrive. It builds anticipation and helps you work harder and more efficiently.

Power Up: When most people work on their fitness they only really do one part the endurance part. They spend may be 30 minutes on a running machine but would get much more benefit if they mixed it with some really high intensity work. The crucial bits in sport come down to how you perform in the shortest time- half seconds and milliseconds. But few of us actually work on those.

Fitness Plan for Men

Shoot Like Thierry Henry: ‘Strikers rarely get more than one touch to find the back of the net. Practice with a friend and get him to knock balls to you at different heights and speed’ says the Arsenal star. ‘Try attacking the ball and hitting the target first time without the extra touch’ As well as honing your skills, it’s a great cardio workout that also helps to boost explosive power and flexibility.

Breathe Properly: ‘Most people don’t think about breathing and consequently end up puffing. If you can elongate and control each exhalation, you can improve your cardiovascular conditioning.

Stick with it: For most gents, what starts off as a new,exciting and a fun hobby can seem more like a slog after a couple of weeks especially if you don’t see quick results. Wait for a better result. You’ve come this far, so persevere. It usually takes three to four months for training to become routine and by that time you will start to look and feel better and stronger. In the meantime, you can treat yourself with a massage or your favorite food for not throwing the towel in and quitting.

Think Positive: Exercise releases feel good chemicals called endorphin’s, so you’ll feel happier and less anxious after a workout. Never use worries tiredness or fatigue as a reason not to exercise.

Be Smarter: People who set Specific, and Recorded goals are more likely to succeed than those who simply do their best.

Go for Quick Fixes: Short term goals can be useful. Setting some every week can help you become fitter and healthier, whether it’s cycling or walking to work or eating some extra fruit and veg a day. Small changes can have a big impact.

Fitness Plan for Men

Work as a Team: Exercise can be social. Even saying hello to the regulars at your gym can make it a friendlier place and in turn you will feel better and more comfortable with your surroundings.

Press-ups before Bedtime: Too busy to exercise? That’s no excuse. Do press-ups for five minutes just before  bed every day and you’ll feel stronger within a month.

Get in the Sauna: Saunas are a great way to unwind after a workout as the dry heat relaxes tired muscles and helps to rid toxins such as lactic acid that have built up during exercise.

Concentrate: A lack of focus when exercising can lead to hurting yourself. Try the following exercise, sit in a comfortable position, relax and let your mind go. Slowly count to ten, thinking of nothing but the numbers. If your mind wanders, stop and start again. Repeat this several times. Once a day, this will relax you and improve your focus.

Visualize Success: Use all your five senses.Don’t only see things but hear what’s going on around you, smell, and taste the saliva in your mouth and feel the steel bar in your grasp and what’s it’s like to go through the movements. This benefits ordinary people lifting weights as much as it helps pro sportsmen.

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